VBS Registration

Get Started with Three Steps

Step One: Build Children’s Profile

If your KidCheck profile with ACCCN is created, you can skip the rest of the instructions and update your contact email or phone number if necessary. If it is new to you, please resume.

  1. Go to the KidCheck website
  2. Click “I have never used KidCheck before”.
  3. Fill in the requested ­fields. Create your password. Type ACCCN to the box under “What Organization Referred You to KidCheck?”. Click “Register”
  4. Agree to the license agreement (KidCheck Terms of Use) ?
  5. Click “My Account” Tab.
  6. Build up profiles for yourself, your children, and the authorized pick-up.
    NOTE: The legal name and a valid phone number of your authorized pick-up, including your spouse, must be entered to the guardians list. All other fields are optional.
  7. Select “Save Changes”.

Step Two: Set Up a Personal PayPal Account for VBS enrollment

Create a personal PayPal for VBS enrollment if you do not have one. Click this video to learn how to set up a free personal PayPal account.

Step Three: Enrollment And Payment

ATTENTION: ‘Last Grade Completed‘ refers to the grade level that your child just finished before summer vacation started.

For example: “My child finished 3rd grade this year and is going to 4th grade, which grade should I sign him up for?” Answer: 3rd grade.

Click Completed Grade Class to Sign up